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    How to use this product

    R6 Siege Ghost



    1. The software uses Java to run. Be sure you have Java installed from http://java.com, then you may download the cheat from our downloads page.


    2.  Be sure you set your R6 in-game brightness to 63-65 from ESC > Options > Display > Calibration. This is mainly for Triggerbot, Snap Triggerbot and Glaz Triggerbot.


    4.  If your PC language is not English then you MUST rebind keys from Settings > Bindings











    The triggerbot is used to hold a head-shot level angle so that when an enemy peeks, the bot will give a clean 1 tap. You can tick 'spray' if you want to make the bot shoot more bullets and thus allowing you to hold upper-body level angles.

    Once it shoots, the bot will auto deactivate. Thus you have to activate it again by pressing the trigger key. To make it so it stays active, go to Settings > Triggerbot and tick on 'Auto activate'; which will automatically enable the triggerbot when you are holding angles.


    How to activate the triggerbot
    To activate, hold down the right click button and press the trigger key. By default the trigger key is space, if you have not re-binded it yet.

    *NOTE: You cannot move while you activate the triggerbot. If you move, it will auto-deactivate. If you let go of right click, it will also auto deactivate.



    Detection Methods
    Triggerbot comes with several detection methods.
    1. Arion
    2. Helios
    3. Kelox (beta)
    4. Cactus


    Arion & Cactus
    This method takes in a MAX value, which by default is set to 0.75. This means if the Arion method is shooting for no reason, then you should reduce this value.


    Helios & Kelox
    These two new methods take in a minimum value to receive in order to shoot. Which means if your bot is too sensitive and shoots without any drastic movement, then simply increase this value.

    Triggerbot Not Shooting
    If your triggerbot is doing nothing even after activating, this means the value you've set is either too low or high depending on which detection method you've selected. Refer to the above 'Detection Methods' for info.


    Triggerbot Shoots For No Reason
    If your triggerbot is shooting even while there is no change or movement on your held angle, this means the value you've set is either too low or high depending on which detection method you've selected. Refer to the above 'Detection Methods' for info.




    1. If you are having issues running the product. Fix your Java *Must run Jarfix as administrator* -> Jarfix

    2. If you cannot press any buttons or type, then download the file provided. Put it in the same folder as the product; then restart the cheat. Download ->  use_alt_lib

    Tutorial Videos

    Optionally you can add videos from Youtube or Vimeo to your tutorial